Gao Junxia


Personal profile

Gender: Female


1.Bachelor Degree from Taiyuan University of Technology

2. Master Degree from Beijing University of Technology

3. Doctoral Degree from Beijing University of Technology

Title: lecturer


Current Professional Societies

Control Science and Engineering 

Research Areas:

Detection technology and automation devices;

Electromagnetic theory and technology



First Prize of the Chinese Geophysical Science and Technology among The Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2015

The 6th Outstanding Academic Paper Award of Young Teachers of Beijing University of Technology in 2010


Publications (not full list)

1. Research and Simulation of An Improved Halbach Arrays. ICEICE, 2011, 4: 3469-3472.

2. Design of Power Transformer in MTEM Transmitter Power. CMES, 2015, 161-164.

3. Helicopter transient electromagnetic combined waveform transmitting technology for metal exploration. Buflgarian Chemical Communications, 2017, 49(K2): 74-79.

4. Design and Implementation of Portable NMR Probe Magnet. Journal of Magnetics, 2017, 22(1): 14-22.

5. Design of a Novel Integrated L-C-T for PSFB ZVS Converters. Journal of Power Electronics, 2017, 17(4): 905-913.

6. Multi-pulse current source for highly inductive load. PPC,  2017-June: 1-6.

7. Self-Cascade Boost Converter based on the Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Circuit. PEDS, 2017, December: 523-529.

8. Clamping-diode Circuit for Marine Controlled-source Electromagnetic Transmitters. Journal of Power Electronics, 2018, 18(2): 395-406.

9. Model predictive power control of a PWM rectifier for electromagnetic transmitters. Journal of Power Electronics, 2018, 18(3): 789-801.

10. Design and Simulation of the Channel Model of a LMMHD Generator Based on Halbach. Journal of Magnetics, 2018, 23(2): 171-178.

11. The Superiority of M-sequence in MTEM Data Processing: a Field Contrast Experiment. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2019, 1207(1): 1-7.

12. Lumped parameter model of the novel L-C-T used in the PSFB ZVS converter. The Journal of Engineering, 2019, 2019(17): 3928-3932.

Personal Statement

Dr. Gao has hosted and participated in many national key projects, published more than 40 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals, and obtained more than 10 authorized invention patents.

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