Hou Ying


Personal profile

Name: Hou Ying

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Research Fellow

E-mail: houying@bjut.edu.cn

Research Areas

1. Intelligent optimization method and technology;

2. Cooperative optimal control system;

3. Intelligent control of complex industrial process;

4. Artificial Intelligence


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[2] QIAO Junfei, HOU Ying, HAN Honggui. Optimal Control for Wastewater Treatment Process based on an Adaptive Multi-objective Differential Evolution Algorithm. Neural Computation & Application, 2017(1): 1-14. (SCI, EI: 20174304309810, IF: 2.505)

[3] HOU Ying, HAN Honggui, QIAO Junfei. Adaptive Multi-objective Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on the Dynamic Parameters Adjustment. Control and Decision, 2017, 32(11): 1985-1990. (EI: 20181404973932) (In Chinese)

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[6] QIAO Junfei, HOU Ying, HAN Honggui, LI Wenjing. Method to predict the effluent ammonia-nitrogen concentration based on a recurrent self-organizing neural network. (U. S. Patent No.: US 9, 633, 307. Date of Patent: Apr. 25, 2017.)