An Zhefeng

Personal profile

Name: An Zhefeng

Gender: Male

Degree: Post-Doctor

Title: Lecturer


Research Areas:

1. Modern Educational Technology (Online Education, Educational Big Data);

2. Psychological Measurement and Evaluation (Mental Health Education Field);

3. Student Psychological Development and Education.


1. Beijing Excellent Talent Training Project;

2. “Talent Project” of BJUT.

Personal Statement:

An Zhefeng, born in Gaocheng city, Hebei province in August 1976, He gained Doctoral Degree in Psychology and did his post-doctor work in Educational Technology. Now he is a lecturerin the Institute of Higher Education in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of BJUT. He is Director oftheMental Health Education for Master’s Degree Students, and Deputy Director oftheStudent Development Guidance Center. He has published more than 40 papers on publications such as Psychological Science, Distance Education in China, China Educational Technology, Open Education Research, Modern Distance Education, Modern Education Management, Chinese University Technology, Studies in Ideological Education, China Journal of Health Psychology, and Primary and Middle School Mental Health Education, etc..Two of them have been reprinted by the Photocopy Materials of Renmin University of China. He has published eight monographs such as Research on Psychological Measurement and Evaluation of Online Learners and Research on Preliminary Screening of Job Seekers in the Context of Online Recruitment independently or with others. Hehasalso presided over more than 30 research topics.