Chen Hao

Personal profile

Name:Chen Hao



Title:Associate Professor

Current Professional Societies:

1. International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language;

2. English Teaching Research Branch of China-English Comparative Research Association and International Applied Linguistics Society.

Research Areas:

1. Second Language Teaching;

2. TeacherDevelopment;

3. Second Language Acquisition.


1. 2016.01,Senior Lecturer for Excellent Teaching Expertise, Beijing University of Technology;

2. 2014.09,Outstanding Teacher Model, Beijing University of Technology;

3. 2013.09,The First Prize of the 8th Beijing Young Teachers' TeachingThesis Competition;

4. 2012.12,Excellent Young Lecturer, Beijing University of Technology;

5. 2012.07,Teaching Excellence Award, Beijing University of Technology;

6. 2011.09,First Prize of Outstanding Teaching Quality Award, Beijing University of Technology;

7. 2011.06,Third Prize of the 7th Beijing Young Teachers Basic Teaching Skills Competition;

8. 2011.05,The Excellent Supervisor of the Second Runner-up of the 15th National English Debate Competition;

9. 2009.09,Second Prize of Outstanding Teaching Quality Award, Beijing University of Technology.

Major Publications:

1. CHEN Hao, WEN Qiufang, POA-based instruction of nominalization in academic English writing course. Foreign Language Education in China, 2020(1): 15-23.

2. CHEN Hao, A Review of Instructed Second Language Acquisition,Journal of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (Social Sciences Edition), 2019 (3): 66-71.

3. CHEN Hao, An Action Research with the Purpose to Promote Learners’ Active and Effective Participation Foreign Language Education in China 2015(4):42-50.

4. CHEN Hao, Repeats in Speech Disfluencies of Chinese English Learners. Journal of PLA College of foreign languages, 2013(1):72-77.

5. CHEN Hao, A Corpus-based Study of Repairs in College English Reading and Writing Course. Journal of Changchun University of science and technology (Social Sciences Edition), 2013(3): 145-148.

Personal statement:

Chen Hao, Associate Professor, Ph.D. candidate at the China Foreign Languages and Education Research Center, Beijing Foreign Studies University. She presided over three scientific research projects in Beijing and four research projects of humanities and social sciences, education and teaching at the university level. In recent years, she has published 19 academic papers in domestic journals, including 5 CSSCI and core journal papers. She was selected for the Young Talent Program of Beijing Colleges and Universities and the Excellent Talent Project of the Organization Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee.