Feng Ruogu

Personal profile

Name: Feng Ruogu

Gender: Male


Title: Lecturer

E-mail: fengruogu@vip.163.com, fengruogu@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies:

1. Researcher of Capital Social Construction and Social Management Collaborative Innovation Center;

2. Instructor of Chinese Debate Team of Beijing University of Technology.

Research Areas:

1. Applied Sociology;

2. International Communication;

3. Communication Sociology;

4. Oral Communication and Public Speaking.


1. "Identity Mutual Molding" and "Relationship Culture" —— Concept of External Communication from the Perspective of Constructivism International Relations Theory [J]. Modern Communication (Journal of Communication University of China), 2015, 37(05): 51-54.

2. Chinese and Foreign Communication Interaction behind the Report of the Asian Cup "Lucky Caddy" [J]. Chinese Journalist, 2015(02):123-124.

3. From Media Literacy to Media Ethics——Citizens' Communication Choices in the New Media Era [J]. The Press, 2014(12): 81-83.

4. The Flexible Boundary of Issues and Discourse: The Linkage Strategy of Official and Unofficial Subjects in External Communication [J]. International Communications, 2019(08): 7-9.

5. Evolution and Choice: Public Intellectuals in the Era of New Media [J]. Youth Journalist, 2011(33): 37-38.

6. "Soft Power" and "Smart Power": Strategic Thinking on International Communication [J]. Modern Communication (Journal of Communication University of China), 2015, 37(10): 19-23.

7. China's Smart Power of External Communication [J]. Contemporary Communication, 2015(06): 27-29.

8. Chinese Media Reform Approach: Reconstruction · Drive · Breakthrough [J]. China Broadcasts, 2014(01): 28-30.

9. Standardization · Adaptation · Integration: the Construction of China's "Smart Power"[J]. People’s Tribune, 2015(05):146-148.

10. "Strategic Narrative" in External Communication——Taking the China-US Economic and Trade Friction Media Series Report as an Example [J]. International Communications, 2019(07): 52-54.

Personal Statement:

Feng Ruogu, born in Yangquan city, Shanxi province in 1987, Doctor of Journalism and Communication, is now a lecturer of the Department of Sociology in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Beijing University of Technology. He has published more than 10 papers in important academic journals in related fields, which have been reprinted twice by "Xinhua Digest" and "Photocopy of Newspapers and Periodicals by Renmin University of China". He has presided over a number of scientific research projects such as the Beijing Social Science Fund and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission Humanities and Social Science Program.


Bachelor’s Degree: 2006.9-2010.7, Communication Studies, Department of Culture and Communication, School of International Relations;

Master’s Degree: 2010.9-2012.7, International Relations; School of International Relations

Ph.D.: 2012.9-2015.7, Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University.


1. Research on the Coupling of Urban Function between the Capital National Cultural Center and the International Exchange Center, Beijing Social Science Fund Research Base Project, 2019.11-2022.6;

2. Research on Brand Integration Construction and International Communication Strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei City Cluster, Beijing Municipal Education Commission Humanities and Social Sciences Plan Project, 2019.1-2021.12;

3. Research on the Sinicization of International Communication Theory, BJUT Humanities and Social Sciences Fund, 2016.1-2018.11


1. Organizational Sociology (to undergraduates of Sociology);

2. Social Issues (to undergraduates of Sociology);

3. Speech and Eloquence Training (elective courses for general education of undergraduates);

4. Contemporary Media Literacy (elective courses for general education of undergraduates).