Guan Shaohua

Personal profile




Name: Guan Shaohua

Gender: Female

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Researcher


Research Areas:

1. Curriculum Theory;

2. Discipline Construction



1. Excellent Lecturer, 2014

2. Excellent Lecturer, 2018

3. Nomination Award of My Favorite Lecturer in the "Lecturer Model" Competition;

4. First Prize of Teaching Achievement in BJUT, 2015


Personal Statement:

Guan Shaohua, born in 1966, is a researcher and Doctor of Management. She mainly offers courses like University Curriculum and Teaching Theory and Curriculum and Teaching Theory. In recent years, she has published more than 30 papers, 1 monograph and participated in the writing of 3 monographs. Guan also has been presiding over more than 10 research projects and 2 of them have been awarded prizes.