Jiang Yiran

Personal profile

Name: Jiang Yiran

Gender: Female


Title: Associate Professor

Current Professional Societies:

1. Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Education, Women ’s University of Doshisha, Japan

2. Chinese teacher from the Asian School of Kokushikan University, Japan

3. Visiting Scholar, Beijing Japanese Studies Center, Beijing Teachers Development Base

Research Areas:

1. Chinese-Japanese Comparative Literature

2. Japanese Literature and Culture


1. Japanese “Chinese Prescription Historical Novels” and the Culture of Chinese Prescription Medicine [J]. Journal of Japanese Language Study and Research, 2019(01): 77-84.

2. The Aesthetics of Disease and the Grace of Medicine——The Ancient Japanese's Acceptance of Traditional Chinese Medicine from The Story of Genji [J]. Social Science Research, 2018(01): 189-195.

3. From the "Huagang Qingzhou's Wife" to see the medical view of the Chinese side with Kazuo Yoshizo [J]. Masterpieces Review, 2018(06): 26-28.

4. Research on Japanese Legal Translation in China in the 21st Century[J], Japanese Teaching and Research under the National Standards for Japanese Majors in Chinese Universities, 2018.

5. Between Medicine and Literature-Explanation of Contemporary Japanese “Chinese Prescription Novel” [J]. Japanese Research, 2017, 31(06): 71-80.

6. Translator and Researcher[J].Chinese Language and Literature Research, 2016(4).

7. Comparison of Japanese and American corporate management, Sanlian Bookstore, 2005 (Translator).

8. Market-oriented Japanese cultural and creative industries, People’s Publishing House, 2009 (Chief-Editor).

9. Chinese-Japanese Bilingual Full Translation Practice Course, Heilongjiang University Press, 2015 (Co-Editor).

10. Selected Works of Professor Wang Xiangyuan's Academic Papers Volume 5, Japanese Literature Research,Taipei: Wanjuanlou Book Co., Ltd. 2017 ( Editor).

Personal Statement:

Jiang graduated with a Master's degree in Japanese language and literature from Heilongjiang Universityin 1999and a doctoral degree from Beijing Normal University in 2019. Since 1999, she has been a teacher at the School of Economics and Management, College of Foreign Languages in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Beijing University of Technology. She teaches a postgraduate course for Japanese majors in Japanese literature and Japanese culture, and Japanese literature. She has presided over 5 scientific research projects such as Japanese "Hanfang Novels" and Chinese medical culture, and participated in the construction of the "Oriental Studies" system of major projects of the National Social Science Fund and the study of Orientalism in China.