Li Lihua

Personal profile

Name: Li Lihua

Gender: Female

Degree: M.A.

Title: Associate Professor


Research Areas:

1. Applied linguistics;

2. Technology and language learning;

3. Cross-cultural pragmatics.


1.Excellent Teaching Awards in 2011,1st Prize in 2016 BJUT

2.Teaching Reform Achievements Awards,1st Prize in 2019 BJUT

3.Teaching Reform Achievements Awards


1. Yaohan Zhang, Lihua Li, Research on the Influence of “FIF Oral Training System” on Non-English Majors’ Oral English Learning in the Perspective of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning[J]. Modern Linguistics, 2019, 7(5): 781-791.

2. Yu Feng, Lihua Li,A Research on the Function of Popular Internet Self-Addressing Term “Baby” [J]. Modern Chinese, Dec. 2016.

3. Yu Feng, Lihua Li,A Research on College Students’ Mobile Autonomous Learning Tendency & Needs [J].Overseas English, Nov. 2016.

Personal Statement:

Li Lihua, associate professor and master supervisor, is a prime member of college English teaching team of Beijing University of Technology. Having been engaged in teaching for 23 years, she works vigorously to improve teaching qualities and teaching framework. During the years, She has participated in 2 national college English reform projects, presidedoverfour Municipal Arts and Humanities Programs, participated in five programs and seven school projects. She has published around 15 papers on language learning, co-edited ten textbooks.