Liang Meihong

Personal Profile



Name: Liang Meihong

Gender: Female

Degrees: Master of Arts

Title: Associate Professor


Research Areas

1. College English Teaching

2. English as a Second Language;

3. Social Linguistics/Linguistics


1. Second prize for The 7th Humanities and Social Science Award of the Ministry of Education(Co-author) . 2015.12.

2. Prize for the articleThe Effect of Motivation and Attitudes on English Learning. Beijing University of Technology. 2007.

3. Prize for the articleDialectical Analysis of College English Teaching. Beijing university of Technology. 2006.

4.Second prize, College English Test, Band four. Beijing University of Technology.


5.First prize, College English Test, Band four. Beijing University of Technology. 2006.2.

6.Third prize, Better Performance in Teaching. Beijing University of Technology.2004.

7.Third prize, Basic Skills in Teaching. Beijing University of Technology. 2003.6.

Publications(some of them)

1. Xiaolei Yang,Meihong Liang. Research on Attitude Resource in the Speech byPeng in the United NationsGeneral Assembly from thePerspective of Appraisal Theory,Modern Linguistics.2019, 7(3), 341-347.

2. Yanfei Mo,Meihong Liang. The Discourse Analysis of Medicine Advertisements from the perspective of Eco-Linguistics,Modern Linguistics. 2018, 6(3), 402-407.

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9. Wenjie Liu,Meihong Liang. The Application of Politeness Principle in the Communication on Campus,Overseas English.2014 (17)261-262.

10. Co-author for the Stylistic Analysis of English Auditor’s Reports Based on Corpus, Beijing: Market Modernization. 2011.3.

11. Co-author for the Effect of Watching American Movies on Students’ Vocabulary Acquisition, Beijing:College English. 2011.1.

12. Co-author for the Study on College Students’ Dynamic Development of the Motivation for English Study, Beijing:College English. 2009.2.

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22. Meihong Liang. The Role of Literature in English Learning and Teaching,Proceedings of the 2001 International Symposium on Applied Linguistics and Language teaching, published by The University of Northern Iowa and BeijingHangtian University. 2001.

Personal Statement

Liang Meihong, associate professor, is interested in teaching and has been asupervisor of postgraduate for ten years. Shegraduated from Peking University (MA) and is a member of the teaching team of College English Teaching in Beijing University of Technology. She has been engaged in teaching for 25 years and has been toSan Diego State University and University of Minnesota as a visiting scholar. She hasbeen in charge of and participating in about 10 research projects. She has published over 20 academic papers and is the co-author of more than 10 books. She also attended over 10 academic conferences in China.