Huang Haoyu


Personal profile

Name: Huang Haoyu

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Lecturer


Research Areas

1. Temperature controlled semi-active tuned mass damper using shape memory alloy for vibration reduction applications

2. Vibration control of timber floor systems

3. Seismic resilience timber connection - adoption of SMA bars/tubes as dowels

4. Dynamic properties of tall timber structures under wind-induced vibration


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Personal Statement

I am currently a lecturer in Civil Engineering at Beijing University of Technology. I was awarded a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from University of Bath in UK in 2017 and a BEng degree in Civil Engineering from Beijing University of Technology in 2013.

I am now carrying out research in the areas of smart materials, structural vibration control, tuned mass damper and timber structures. I am leading 4 research projects funded by government and university, for example, the project funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China and theproject funded by Beijing Municipal Education Commission. I have published 16 academic papers in international journals and in international conferences.

In teaching works, I am teaching Structural Analysis and Finite Element Methods and Elastic Mechanics for undergraduate students and Structural Vibration Control for postgraduate students. I have supervised 8 students for their final-year design/research projects and I have supervised 2 groups of students for their research projects.

I have the experiences of collaborating with industry, academics, and non-professional partners. For examples, I led the COST Action STSM project with ARUP and TUM, did consultancy for Martisons Sweden, did health monitoring for constructed buildings, and currently analysing measured data from Europe and repairing the Eurocode. I am willing to supervise research students who are interested in my research areas. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. For more information about me, please visit my website: