Hou Chao


Personal profile


Name: Hou Chao


Gender: male


Degrees: Ph.D.


Title: Lecturer


E-mail: houchao@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

Member of material science branch of Chinese Stereology Society


Research Areas

1.   Nanostructured refractory-nonferrous metal matrix composites

2.    Refractory high entropy/complex concentrated alloys



1.      C. Hou, X. Y. Song, F. W. Tang, Y. R. Li, L. J. Cao, J. Wang, Z. R. Nie, W–Cu composites with submicron- and nanostructures: progress and challenges, NPG Asia Mater. 2019, 11, 74. (Featured article)

2.      C. Hou, L. J. Cao, Y. R. Li, Fawei Tang, X. Y. Song, Hierarchical nanostructured W-Cu composite with outstanding hardness and wear resistance, Nanotechnology 2020, 31, 084003.

3.      C. Hou, K. Yang, F. W. Tang, H. B. Wang, X. M. Liu, X. Y. Song*, Anode material with Li-Si nano-domains in three-dimensional carbon network, Prog. Nat. Sci.: Mater. Int. 2019, 29, 310-315.

4.      C. Hou, X. Y. Song, K. Yang, H. B. Wang, X. M. Liu, Z. R. Nie, Li-Si-C anode material with amorphous core-nanocomposite shell structure, Mater. Today Energy 2018, 7, 122-128.

5.      C. Hou, J. Wang, H. B. Wang, X. M. Liu, S. H. Liang, X. Y. Song*, Z. R. Nie, Nanoporous tungsten with tailorable microstructure and high thermal stability, Int. J. Refract. Met. Hard Mater. 2018, 77, 128-131.

6.      W. Z. Wu, C. Hou*, L. J. Cao, X. M. Liu, H. B. Wang, H. Lu, X. Y. Song, High hardness and wear resistance of W-Cu composites achieved by elemental dissolution and interpenetrating nanostructure, Nanotechnology 2020, 31, 135704.

7.      L. J. Cao, C. Hou, Y. R. Li, X. M. Liu, S. H. Liang, X. Y. Song*, Novel nanocrystalline W-Cu-Cr-ZrC composite with ultra-high hardness, Nanotechnology 2020, 31,134002.

8.      Y. R. Li, C. Hou, H. Lu, S. H. Liang, X. Y. Song*, WC strengthened W-Cu nanocomposite powder synthesized by in-situ reactions, Int. J. Refract. Met. Hard Mater. 2019, 79, 154-157.


Personal Statement

Chao Hou achieved his Ph.D degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Jilin University in 2015. He was appointed as a supervisor for master student in 2018 waiving the normal procedure. His main research interests include nanostructured refractory-nonferrous metal matrix composites and refractory multi-component alloys. As a leader, he has undertaken several projects from the National Natural Science Foundation and the Beijing Natural Science Foundation. He has published more than 20 SCI papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and applied for more than 10 patents. He is one of the instructors in a course of computational materials science for postgraduates since 2018.