Gong Xianzheng

Personal profile

Name: GONG Xianzheng

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph. D

Title: Professor

E-mail: gongxianzheng@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

  1. Member of the Eco-materials Branch of the Chinese Materials Research Society

  2. Executive Director of the Mineral Processing Technology Committee of the Chinese Non-Mineral Association

  3. Director of the Mineral Materials Branch of The Chinese Ceramic Society

  4. Deputy Chairman of the CSTM Building Materials Certification and Evaluation Committee

Research Areas

  1. Life Cycle Assessment & Life Cycle Management

  2. Life Cycle Inventory Database & Consulting Services

  3. Eco-materials, Eco-design Research & Development

  4. Green Product Assessment & Standardization

Personal Statement

Xianzheng Gong, Ph.D, professor, works in the field of resource materials, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Materials Flow Analysis (MFA), and relative economic and technical activities. His research were financed by the National Basic Research Program (973 Program), National High-tech R&D program (863 Program) and National Key Technology R&D Program, and by companies. He is invited as the peer reviewer or outstanding reviewer of LCA, JCP, EST, etc. He published more than 100 research papers (more than 50 papers SCI and EI), authorized 14 patents and 6 software copyrights, and issued 9 standards & 4 books. He won the first Awards for science & technology progress in the building materials industry (twice), the first Award for science and technology progress in Beijing, and the second Award for national science and technology progress.