Han Xiaodong

Personal profile

Name:Xiaodong Han





Current Professional Societies

1. President of the Chinese Society of Electron Microscopy;

2. Executive Vice President of the Institute of Science and Technology Development, Beijing University of Technology

Research Areas

1. In situ transmission electron microscopy;

2. Physical and chemical properties of materials; study on the mechanical behavior of materials from micro-nano to atomic resolution in a wide temperature range (room temperature to 1200 °C) and environmental conditions;

3. Correlation between catalytic materials and microstructure;

4. Gas sensing material;

5. New Energy Materials and physical Chemistry;

6. Optical, mechanical and temperature sensing materials and devices.


1. Beijing Scholar, 2019;

2. First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award, 2016;

3. Changjiang Professor, Ministry of Education, 2012;

4. National Outstanding Youth Fund, 2008;

5. Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress of Colleges and Universities in China, 2007;

6. Instructor of one Dissertation awarded One Hundred Excellent Doctoral Dissertations in China of the Year2011;

7. Beijing Special Contribution Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Returned Students, 2011;

8. Innovative Pacesetter of Beijing Education Work Committee, 2010;

9. Tens of Millions of Talents Project Candidates at The National Level, 2009.


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Personal statement

Professor Xiaodong Han and his research team creatively developed the atomic-level in-situ dynamic characterization method of material mechanical behavior, which increased the spatial resolution of in-situ characterization of material mechanical behavior from nanometer to pico-meter scale. It has been improved by an order of magnitude, and some of the achievements have won the top ten scientific and technological advances in Chinese colleges and universities in 2007. The core components and application analysis software such as independent intellectual property rights and international leading force-thermal coupling MEMS chip, the in-situ special mechanical experimental instrument for the transmission electron microscope, multi-channel electrical signal transmission circuit board and supporting application analysis software have been developed, which has opened up a new field for the study of experimental dynamics of mechanical behavior of high-temperature atomic layer materials, which has also been applied to the study of key materials such as nickel-based single crystal superalloy for aircraft engine blades, which is a difficult problem in our country.

A series of important research results have been achieved, For instance, 33 patents for key technologies have been authorized at home and abroad, including 3 American patents, 1 international PCT patent, and 27 Chinese invention patents. Some of the achievements won First Prizes in the 2017 Beijing Science and Technology Award.

He has published more than 160 papers, including 2 articles in Science, 3 in Nature Mater ,9 in Nature Commun , 12 in Nano Lett.,4 in Phys Rev Lett , and 12 in Acta Mater, etc.. He has undertaken key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, the basic research of scientific instruments, Sub-project of the basic Science Center of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the development of national major scientific research instruments and equipment and key projects of the aero-engine major research plan, etc.

He has organized a team to carry out the study of microstructure big data, quantum (X-ray photons and high energy electrons) information recognition and characterization, material physics and chemistry of single quantum system, etc.. He has supervised 2 national 100 Excellent Doctoral Thesis Awards and Nomination awards, and 4 Beijing Excellent Doctoral Thesis Awards. He and his team members undertake more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial projects, such as Beijing Innovation team, Beijing Zhuoqing Plan, National Natural Science Foundation Excellent Youth Program, and 111 Intelligence Introduction Program, etc..