He Dingyong

Personal profile

Name: He, Dingyong

Gender: male

Degrees: Ph.D

Title: Professor

E-mail: dyhe@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

1. Standing Committee Member of Surface Engineering Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society;

2. Member of the 7th Sub-technical Committee of Thermal Spraying of National Technical Committee for Standardization of Metal and Inorganic Coatings;

3. Member of Cladding and Surface Engineering Committee of Chinese Welding Society;

4. Member of Environment, Health and Safety Committee of Chinese Welding Society;

5. Member of the 6th Council of Thermal Spraying Professional Committee of China Surface Engineering Association;

6. Editorial Board Members of the peer-reviewed Journal “Surface Technology” and “Thermal Spraying Technology”.

Research Areas

1. Theory and technology of surface modification of engineering materials;

2. Design and evaluation of high-performance welding consumables;

3. Preparation technology and application of 3D printing metallic materials.


Beijing Outstanding Teacher award, 2017


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15. Haihua Yao, Zheng Zhou, Yiming Wang,Ding-Yong He, Kirsten Bobzin, Lidong Zhao, Mehmet Öte, Thomas Frederik Linke, Tim Königstein.Einfluss des Borgehalts auf die Mikrostruktur und die Eigenschaften von Drahtlichtbogengespritzten Eisenbasis Beschichtungen (Influence of Boron Content on Microstructure and Properties of Wire-arc Sprayed Fe-based Coatings) [J].Thermal Spray Bulletin, 2016,9 (1):60-68.

Personal Statement

He, Dingyong is a professor of College of Materials Science and Engineering at Beijing University of Technology. He is currently the director of Beijing Engineering Research Center of Eco-materials and LCA and the member of the academic committee of the college. He has been engaged in teaching for 24 years. He is currently in charge of several national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects. He has published more than 200 papers on international and Chinese scientific journals and obtained 64 authorized national invention patents. He has won the Second-class Award of Science and Technology of Beijing Municipality in 2016, the First-class Award of Science and Technology Progress of Henan Province in 2014, and the Third-class Award of Science and Technology Progress of Beijing Municipality in 1999.