Hou Yudong

Personal profile

Name: Hou Yudong

Gender: male

Degrees: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

E-mail: ydhou@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

1. Standing Board Member of Chinese Society for Key Materials and Technologies of Electronic Components;

2. Editorial Board Member of IET Nanodielectrics;

3. Member of Young Scientists Club of Chinese Institute of Electronics

Research Areas

1. Piezoelectric ceramics and energy harvesting systems;

2. Dielectric ceramics and multilayer chip components;

3. Flexible nanocomposite materials and devices.


1. Beijing Talents, 2019;

2. Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Supervisor of Chinese Materials Research Society, 2017;

3. Outstanding Teacher of Beijing University of Technology, 2014.


1. HaiYan Zhao, Yu Dong Hou*, Xiao Le Yu, Mu Peng Zheng, Man Kang Zhu, Ultra-broad temperature insensitive ceramics with large piezoelectricity by morphotropic phase boundary design, Acta Materialia 181 (2019) 238-248.

2. Jing Fu, Yu Dong Hou*, Xin Gao, Mu Peng Zheng, Man Kang Zhu, Highly durable piezoelectric energy harvester based on a PVDF flexible nanocomposite filled with oriented BaTi2O5 nanorods with high power density, Nano Energy 52 (2018) 391-401.

3. Wen Xu Jia, Yu Dong Hou*, Mu Peng Zheng, Yu Ru Xu, Xiao Le Yu, Man Kang Zhu, Kui Yong Yang, Hua Rong Cheng, Shu Ying Sun, Jie Xing, Superior temperature-stable dielectrics for MLCCs based on Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-NaNbO3 system modified by CaZrO3, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 101 (2018) 3468-3479.

4. Jing Fu, Yu Dong Hou*, Mu Peng Zheng, Qiao Yi Wei, Man Kang Zhu, Hui Yan, Improving dielectric properties of PVDF composites by employing surface modified strong polarized BaTiO3 particles derived by molten salt method, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (2015) 24480-24491.

5. Mu Peng Zheng, Yu Dong Hou*, Fang Yan Xie, Jian Chen, Man Kang Zhu, Hui Yan, Effect of valence state and incorporation site of cobalt dopants on the microstructure and electrical properties of 0.2PZN-0.8PZT ceramics, Acta Materialia 61 (2013) 1489-1498.

Personal Statement

Hou Yudong, professor and doctoral/master supervisor, is the

Director of the Electroceramics Laboratory of Beijing University of Technology. His main research interests are ferroelectric/piezoelectric ceramics, dielectric materials, and ferroelectric polymers for sensor, transducer and energy storage/harvesting applications. He has presided over more than 20 national and Beijing scientific research projects. He has published more than 180 SCI papers in peer reviewed scientific journals and 2 academic books, and held 20 patents in his research area. He has won more than 10 scientific research awards, including China Building Materials Science and Technology Award, Shaanxi Provincial Government Science and Technology Award, China Patent Award and JACerS Best Paper Award.