Chen Xuechai

Personal profile

Name:Chen Xuechai



Title:Assistant Research Fellow

Current Professional Societies

Members of the Committee of CIE Life electronic society.

Research Areas

1. Molecular mechanism of Parkinson's disease;

2. Epigenetic studies of Parkinson's disease;

3. Biomarkers analysis for human major diseases.


“Outstanding young scholars” of 2014 China Life electronics Academic Annual Meeting.


[1]Xuechai Chen*, Chunyu Yu, Minjun Guo, et al. Down-Regulation of m6A mRNA Methylation Is Involved in Dopaminergic Neuronal Death.ACS Chem Neurosci.2019, 10(5):2355-2363.

[2]Xuechai Chen,Xiaotong Zheng,Sakhawat Ali,Minjun Guo,Rugang Zhong,Zixuan Chen,Yongqian Zhang,Hong Qing, andYulin Deng*. Isolation and Sequencing of Salsolinol Synthase, an Enzyme Catalyzing Salsolinol Biosynthesis.ACS Chem Neurosci.2018, 9(6):1388-1398.

[3] Xiaotong Zheng,Xuechai Chen*, Minjun Guo,Sakhawat Ali, et al. Changes in salsolinol production and salsolinol synthase activity in Parkinson's disease model.Neurosci. Lett.2018, 673: 39-43.

[4]Minjun Guo, Xinhui Liu, Xiaotong Zheng, Yinghui Huang,Xuechai Chen*. m6A RNA Modification Determines Cell Fate by Regulating mRNA Degradation.Cellular Reprogramming, 2017, 19(4): 1-7.

[5]Xuechai Chen*, Chunyu Yu, Minjun Guo, Xiaotong Zheng. Determination of m6A mRNA methylation in Parkinson's disease model.Journal of Neurochemistry.2019, 105: 211.

[6] Xiaotong Zheng,Xuechai Chen*, Rugang Zhong. The potential mechanism of salsolinol synthase induces apoptosis in PC12 cells.Journal of Neurochemistry.2017, 142: 112.

[7]Xuechai Chen,Abida Arshad, Zhenzhen Cong, et al. TRPC1 protects dopaminergic SH-SY5Y cells from MPP, salsolinol, and N-methyl-(R)- salsolinol induced cytotoxicity,Acta Biochim Biophys Sin, 2014, 46(1): 22-30.

[8]Xuechai Chen, Yi Chen, Guosong Wu, et al. Existence and characterization of salsolinol synthase in neuronal cells and rat brain,Neurochemical Journal, 2013, 7(3): 192-197.

Personal statement

Chen Xuechai is Assistant Research Fellow and Master Student Supervisor in the College of Life Science and Bioengineering of Beijing University of Technology. She has been researching in the Mechanism of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) for almost ten years, and focuses on the researches about endogenous neurotoxin, catechol isoquinoline synthetase, RNA methylation modification and so on. More than 10 SCI papers have been published in international journals and important international academic conferences such as《ACS Chemical Neuroscience》,《Neuroscience Letters》,《Journal of Neurochemistry》. Her study was supported by grants from National Natural Science Foundation, Beijing Natural Science Foundation, National Postdoctoral Foundation, and Beijing Postdoctoral Foundation, etc.