Qu Dan

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Name:Qu Dan





Research Areas

  1. Engineering Optical Properties of Fluorescent Carbon Nanodots and Their Applications;

  2. Nanomaterials for High-Efficiency Solar-Thermal Energy Conversion;

  3. Photocatalysis.


  1. National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Optical Engineering, 2019;

  2. Outstanding Graduate, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, 2017;

  3. Outstanding Graduate, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2017;

  4. Special Prize of President Scholarship for Postgraduates Students, 2016;

  5. National Scholarship, Chinese Education Department, 2015;

  6. Chinese Government Scholarship, China Scholarship Council, 2015;

  7. Outstanding Poster Award, MRS: Materials Research Society, 2015;

  8. Merit Student, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2014;

  9. National Scholarship, Chinese Education Department, 2013;

  10. English Speech Contest, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2012;

  11. Outstanding Graduate, Jilin University, 2012;

  12. Minor Award, Jilin University, 2012;

  13. Science and Technology Innovation Contest, Jilin University, 2011;

  14. School Class Scholarship, Jilin University, 2008.


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2.Wenshuai Jiang,Dan Qu*, Li An, Xiang Gao, Yuanjing Wen, Jingxian Zhu, Bin Wang, Zaicheng Sun*, Purposely constructing direct Z-scheme photocatalyst by photodeposition technique,Journal of Materials Chemistry A,2019, 7, 18348-18356.

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Personal Statement

Qu Dan, Professor and Master's Student Supervisor, is a faculty member in the Chemistry of Beijing University of Technology. She has devoted herself to the engineering optical properties of fluorescent carbon nanodots and their applications. Based on her works, she has published more than 30 research papers indexed by SCI. Most of her publications were published in some of the top journals, including Light: Sci. Appl., Adv. Mater., ACS Nano and so on. Among her publications, 10 papers were selected by the Essential Science Indicators. All papers have been cited by more than 4000 scientific publications. Several papers have been reported or cited by Nat. Nanotechnol., Light: Sci. Appl. and Adv. Mater., etc. She haspresidedover and participated in more than 10 projects, including National Science Foundation of China, Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation, and so on. She has obtained theNational Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Optical Engineering, and she has been awarded the Special Prize of President Scholarship for Postgraduates Students. She was included in the Plans of Excellent Experts in Beijing University of Technology.