Qiao Aike

Personal profile

Name:Aike Qiao





Current Professional Societies

1. Committee member of Biomechanics Professional Committee of Beijing Society Biomedical Engineering;

2. Committee member of Material Biomechanics Professional Committee of Chinese Society for Biomaterials;

3. Senior Member of Biomechanics Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering.

Research Areas

1. Biomechanics of Cardiovascular System;

2. Implant / Intervention Cardiovascular Medical Devices;

3. Numerical Simulation of Mechanics and its Clinical Application.


1. Second Prize Of Beijing Science And Technology Award, 2004;

2. Outstanding Key Young Teacher Of Beijing University Of Technology, 1999;


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Personal statement

Aike Qiao, professor and doctoral supervisor, is working as a faculty member in Beijing University of Technology since 1992. He has been the primary investigator for 5 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and twenty more other projects. He has published more than 200 journal papers, 3 academic books and 3 textbooks, including one Beijing Premium Textbooks for Advanced Education.