Wang Huiqin

Personal profile

Name:Wang Huiqin


Degrees:Master’s Degree

Title:Senior Experimentalist

Current Professional Societies

1. National registration examiner of national industrial product (food) production license examination center;

2. CMAF examiner of qualification identification of food inspection institutions;

3. expert in Beijing food safety standards of Beijing Municipal Health Commission.

Research Areas

1. fast detection method of food safety;

2. application and development of molecular spectroscopy;

3. preparation and application of nano-particle materials.


1 .Li, P, Wang, SJ,Wang, HQ, Yan, H. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of 3,9-Dioxatetraasteranes as C-2-Symmetric HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors and Docking Study. Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin 42(2019)261-267

2.Wang Huiqin, Zhang Shufen, Lin Taifeng, Zheng Dawei, Introduction and Safety Evaluation of Citrinin in Foods, Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 5(2017)179-183

3.WANG Hui-qin, LIN Tai-feng, ZHANG Li-hua, ZHANG Shu-fen, ZHENG Da-wei. Extraction of Sweet Potato Peel Pigment and Stability on Different Conditions, Food Research And Development 36(2015) 145-148

4. Xiu-Qing Song,Hui-Qin Wang, Hong Yan, Cheng-Liang Ni, Ru-Gang Zhong. Synthesis, NMR analysis and X-ray crystal structure of 6,12-bis(4-fluorophenyl)-3,9-dioxatetraasterane. Journal of Molecular Structure,1006 (2011) 489–493

5.WANG Hui-qin, NI Cheng-liang, ZHENG Da-wei, ZHONG Ru-gang, YAN Hong, Determination of Inorganic Arsenic Valence in Aquatic Organisms Using Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry, Food and Fermentation Technology,46(2010) 90-92

Personal statement

Wang Huiqin, Senior Experimentalist and Master Student Supervisor, graduated from College of Life science and Bioengineering in Beijing University of Technology, and obtained Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2006. She has been engaged in the practical teaching of food quality and safety majors, and engaged in the analysis and test of infrared spectroscopy (fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, infrared microsystem), Raman spectroscopy (fourier Raman spectroscopy, laser Raman spectroscopy, laser confocal Raman spectroscopy system) and atomic fluorescence spectroscopy for more than ten years. At present, she is Deputy Director of Experimental Center of College of Life science and Bioengineering in Beijing University of Technology.