Li Yanmei

Personal profile

Name:Li Yanmei




Current Professional Societies

1. Member of resource big data branch of China natural resources society.

2. Member of circular economy branch of China Environmental Science Society.

Research Areas

1. the Impact of Industrial Transfer on Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission;

2. industrial Policy toward Green, Low-carbon, and Circular Development.


1. Third Prize of Excellent Countermeasure Information Research of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2017, 2018.

2. "Top Ten Emerging Authors Award" for the 40th Anniversary of the Founding of Resources Science, 2018.

3. New Talent of Beijing University of Technology, 2014-2017.


1. Yanmei Li, Yifei Cui, Bofeng Cai, et al.Spatial characteristics of CO2emissions and PM2.5concentrations in China based on gridded data, Applied Energy 266(2020)114852.

2. Yanmei Li, Liyun Sun, Hongli Zhang, et al. Does industrial transfer within urban agglomerations promote dual control of total energy consumption and energy intensity? Journal of Cleaner Production 204(2018) 607-617.

3. Yanmei Li, Enhua Luo, Hongli Zhang, et al. Measuring interregional spillover and feedback effects of economy and CO2emissions: A case study of the capital city agglomeration in China. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 139(2018)104-113.

4. Yanmei Li, Rui Zhao, Tianshu Liu, et al. Does urbanization lead to more direct and indirect household carbon dioxide emissions? Evidence from China during 1996-2012. Journal of Cleaner Production 102(2015) 103-114.

5. Li Yanmei, Sun Liyun, Zhang Hongli, et al. The impact of interregional transfer of industries on carbon emission intensity of energy consumption in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. Resources Science 12(2017) 2275-2286.

6. Yanmei Li, Jianfeng Zhao. The impact of income on the household energy consumption and behavior-Analysis basing on the urban of Beijing, Bio Technology: An Indian Journal 10 (2014) 5836-5843.

7. Li Yanmei, Li Zhongyuan, You He. The Circular Economic Development Level of Beijing’s Service Sector Based on AHP Modeling. Journal of Resources and Ecology7 (2016)480-485.

8. Li Yanmei, Sun Liyun, Niu Miaomiao. Industrial association and macroeconomic effects within the recycled resources industry. Resources Science 40(2018)580-588.

9. Li Yanmei. Influence Mechanism of Urbanization on household energy consumption and carbon emission. Beijing: Science Press, 2016

10. Fu Jiafeng, Li Yanmei, Zhangbin, et al. Consumption-based Carbon Emission Accounting System and Its Impact on China. Beijing: China Environmental Science Press, 2014

Personal statement

Li Yanmei, professor and master’s supervisor. She has been engaged in teaching for 13 years. She has presided two National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, one Beijing Natural Science Foundation project and one Humanities and Social Sciences project of the Ministry of Education. She has published more than sixty papers on major journals in the field of resources and environmental economics.