Shang Hongtao


Personal profile

Name: Shang Hongtao

Gender: Female

Degrees: Ph.D

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Director of Beijing Accounting Society.

2. Director of financial cost branch of China Accounting Society.

3. Director of emerging technology future analysis and Management Committee.

Research Areas

1. Government subsidies and enterprise innovation.

2. Fiscal and taxation policies and performance evaluation.


1. Excellent Master's thesis instructorof Beijing University of Technology, 2018.

2. Excellent thesis instructor for Undergraduates of Beijing University of Technology, 2020.

3. First prize of excellent education and teaching achievement of Beijing University of Technology, 2014.

4. Third prize of excellent thesis of Beijing Accounting Society, 2013.


1. Shang Hongtao, Song Yaxi.Dynamic evaluation of the effect of government innovation subsidy policy of Chinese private enterprises.Science Research,2020(6).

2. Shang Hongtao, Zhu Liran.Research on internal and external regulations for improving the performance of environmental R&D subsidies in new energy companies,Science Research,2019(10).

3. Shang Hongtao, Huang Xiaoshuo.Research on the performance of Government innovation subsidies for Pharmaceutical listed companies in China, Science Research Management, 2019(08).

4. Shang Hongtao, Huang Xiaoshuo. Dynamic interactive effects of government subsidies, R&D input and innovation performance [J]. Science Research, 2018 (03).

Personal statement

Shang Hongtao, professor and master supervisor. She has been engaged in teaching for more than 20 years. She has presided National Social Science Foundation of China projects and Social Science Foundation of the Ministry of Education one for each. She has published more than forty CSSCI papers on national major journals, two academic books and six textbooks, including one Beijing premium textbooks for advanced education. The citation times have exceeded 300 times.