Shan Xiaohong

Personal profile

Name:Shan Xiaohong



Title: Associate Professor

Research Areas:

1.Information management and information service;

2.Public opinion management;

3.Business intelligence


1.Shan Xiaohong, Wang Chunwen, Liu Xiaoyan, Zhang Xiaoyue. Hybrid Recommendation Algorithms Based on Online Review.Systems Engineering.2019,37(6):130-138.

2.Shan Xiaohong, Pang Shihong, Liu Xiaoyan,Yang Juan.Analysis on the Evaluation Path of Internet Public Opinions Based on the Event Evolution Graph:Taking Medical Public Opinions as an Example.Information Studies:Theory & Application.2019,42(9):99-103,85.

3.Shan Xiaohong, Pang Shihong, Liu Xiaoyan,Yang Juan.Analysis and Empirical Study of Policy Impact Based on Event Evolution Graph.Complex Systems and Complex Science. 2019,16(1):74-82.

4.Shan Xiaohong, Zhang Xiaoyue, Liu Xiaoyan.Research on User Portrait Based on Online Review: Taking Ctrip Hotel as an Example.Information Studies:Theory & Application. 2018,41(4):99-104,149.

5.Shan Xiaohong, Jia Panpan, Liu Xiaoyan.WeChat Information Dissemination Mechanism and Simulation Research Based on Field Theory.Journal of System Simulation.2016,28(11):2867-2877.

6.Shan Xiaohong, Wang Fei, He Xijun. Research on production and marketing cooperation of supply chain based on stable bilateral matching. Computer Engineering and Applications. 2016,52(23):260-265.

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8.Shan Xiaohong,PangTing, Jiang Lina. Study on competitive evaluation of cloud outsourcing service providers. Computer Engineering and Applications.2016,11:50-54.

Personal Statement

Shan Xiaohong, associate professor and master supervisor, is the teacher of Beijing University of Technology.She has been engaged in teaching for 18 years. She has presided over many provincial and ministerial projects and enterprises and institutions projects, and also participated three National Natural Science Foundation of China projects. She has published more than 30 papers on CSSCI and CSCD journals, one academic book and three textbooks.