Ren Haiying

Personal profile


Name:Haiying Ren




Research Areas

1. technological innovation and inventions;

2. data analysis and modeling of complex networks;

3. business analytics.


1. Beijing University of Technology Excellent Bachelor’s Degree Theses Supervisor, 2015.

2. Beijing Science and Technology Awards, Third Prize. 2010.


  1. Haiying Ren, Shao W and Li X. Influencing Factors of and R&D Strategy for Breakthrough Inventions Based on Novelty and Conventionality of Contents of Patents. Journal of Intelligence, 2019, 38(2): 56-63.

  2. Haiying Ren, Zhao Y. Mechanisms and Applications of Scientific Research Opportunities Discovery Based on Knowledge Network. Intelligence Theory and Applications, 2018, 41(11): 89-95.

  3. Haiying Ren, Wang D and Wang F. Relationship Between Novelty of Key-Term Combinations and Papers’Scientific Impact. Library and Information Studies, 2017, 61(9): 87-93.

  4. Haiying Ren, A method for visualizing invention processes based on concept maps. Studies in Science of Science,2016,34(1): 22-29.

  5. Haiying Ren, The strategy of emerging technology industrialization based on system dynamics. Science Research Management. 2013, 34(5): 21-31.

  6. Haiying Ren. Multi-agent Method and its Applications in Job Shop Scheduling. Beijing University of Technology Press, Beijing,2013.

Personal statement

Haiying Ren, associate professor and master’s supervisor in School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Technology. He has been teaching for 17 years. He has published more than 40 academic papers in Chinese and international journals and two monographs.