Huang Yuehua


Personal profile

Name: Huang Yuehua

Gender: Male

Degrees: Ph.D. in Literature

Title: Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies

Visiting professor in Beijing Culture and Art Resource Research Institution

Research Areas

  1. The artistic theory

  2. The theory of Designing

  3. The theory of Calligraphy


  1. the Beijing Excellent Young Backbone Teacher Award;

  2. First Place in Teachers’ fundamental skills’ Contest of the Art and Design School


  1. America naturalistic narrative theory and text pattern, Beijing Industru University Press, 2018

  2. The contemporary transformation of Chinese classical aesthetics--Research of Zong Baihua’s Jiezou theory in aesthetics, Journal of Beijing Institution of Education, the third issue, 2013Transcendentalism and Norris’ Naturalistic novels, Journal of Shanxi Normal University, the third issue, 2015

  3. The origin and aesthetic content of Norris’ realistic literature, Journal of Beijing Industry University, the third issue, 2015

Personal statement

Huang Yuehua was born in Fujian province in 1970. He got his bachelor’s degree in Literature in 1992, and master’s degree in Literary Aesthetics in 2002 and Ph.D. Degree in Comparative Literature in Beijing Normal University. He is teaching as an associate professor and doing research regarding the artistic theory, the designing theory and literature in Beijing Industry University. He has published a book America Naturalistic Narrative Theory and Text Pattern, and dozens of paper as well. He has mainly been teaching courses such as the artistic theory, the artistic criticism, literature research, Calligraphy, Chinese culture, Chinese aesthetics, academic writing, etc. In 2014, He conducted a Liberal Arts project from the Department of Education, America naturalistic narrative theory and text pattern. In 2019, he conducted postgraduate students’ course project in Beijing Industry University.A book, which is an Artistic Criticism and Writing, and one of the Postgraduate Innovative Education Series of books, is under development.