Zhang Peng


Personal profile

Gender: Female

Degrees: Master’s Degree

Title: Associate Professor

E-mail: yueyuebird@bjut.edu.cn

Current Professional Societies

1. Member of CFA Academic Committee of China Fashion Association

2. Member of Designer Branch of Beijing Garment and Textile Industry Association

3. Member of International Fashion Art Network

4. Member of China Textile and Apparel Production-Study-Research Committee

5. Member of the Expert Committee of the Professional Proficiency Test for Art Image Design of the Ministry of Culture

6. National Vocational Skills Appraisal Examiner of Color Matching Division of China Fashion & Color Association

Research Areas

1. Research on Barrier-Free and Functional Clothing Design

2. Research on Clothing Design and Its Sustainable Development

3. Clothing and Apparel Products and Brand Design


1. Outstanding Teacher Award, Beijing University of Technology

2. Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award, Beijing University of Technology

3. Outstanding Teaching Quality Award, Beijing University of Technology

4. Outstanding Mentor with Morality and Demonstration Effect,Beijing University of Technology

5. Outstanding Supervisor Award, China Fashion Association

6. Exhibition of Chinese and Japanese Arts and Crafts Works, First Award

7. “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan” Ministries and Commissions Level Outstanding Textbook of China Textile and Apparel Education Association—Basics for Fashion Design

8. Outstanding Staff Member in Mass Parade on the 60th Anniversary of the National Day, Beijing


1. Analysis of Fabric Design in Modern Clothing, 2011, Chinese Journal of Social Science.

2. Fashion Meets Vocation, 2011, Chinese and Foreign Clothing.

3. Discussion on the Combination of Series Clothing Products, 2013, Art Education.

4. Opportunities and Challenges-Discussion on E-Commerce of the Clothing Industry, 2013, Fashion in Beijing.

5. Analysis of visual marketing methods for apparel product promotion, 2015, Art Education.

6. Digital Innovation in the Teaching of Fashion Styles and Patterns, 2015, Art Education.

7.Popularity and Development Trend of Modern Underwear Fabrics, 2016,Art Education.

8.Art Works "Summer Butterfly", 2015, Asian Arts.

9.Research on Digital Teaching Platform of Fashion Design with Multimedia Technology, 2016, Fashion china.

10.Exploration on the Construction of Digital Teaching Resources Platform for Fashion Design Major, 2017, Collections of Characters Design Teaching Alliance of Beijing Universities.

11.Analysis on Value and Design of Garment Reuse in Enterprises, 2018,Art Education.

12. Art Works "Autumn Sycamore", 2019, Silk.

Personal statement

Associate Professor Zhang Peng, director of the Department of Fashion and Design at College of Art and Design in Beijing University of Technology. She has engaged in teaching for 23 years and has undertaken 15 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects and teaching topics such as "Research on Elderly Nursing Clothing Design" and " Design of Garment Reuse in Enterprises". She also published 5 ministries and commissions level textbooks and translations such as "Basics for Fashion Design" and "International Knitted Apparel Design", and her more than ten papers were published in core journals of this arena. Art works were published in core journals and collection such asSilkandAsian Arts. She attended Korean fashion art exhibition "Fashion Meets Jewelry", “Contemporary Art Exhibition in Japan, China and Korea” in Fukuoka, Japan, Hong Kong Fashion art exhibition "Dialogue with paper " and more than 20 exhibitions worldwide. Her fashion works were collected by the China Silk Museum. Moreover, she has also been responsible for the design and technical projects such as design for the mass parade of the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the PRC, the public service platform for fashion trends of Shanghai style (Phase II)-City Memory (Beijing) and Wangfujing Department Store (Group) professional wear.