Wang Ye



Personal profile



Title:Associate Professor

Current Professional Societies

1. Member of Design Committee of China National Interior Decoration Association

2. Professional title evaluation expert of Beijing Construction Decoration Association

3. The development expert of professional evaluation standards for the major of environmental design in Beijing municipal colleges

Research Areas

1. Environmental Art Design

2. Research on Environmental Art Design in Contemporary Art Scenario

3. Research on Interior Design Based on Cultural Heritage and Historical Continuation

4. Education of Environmental Art Design


1. Awarded 2019 TOP100 China Interior Designer

2. Winner of bronze award of the 2nd National Interior Design Exhibition

3. Winner of silver award of the 3rd National Interior Design Exhibition

4. The supervisor of the 2ndprize outstanding work in Urban Public Space Design Competition 2018


1. Xiaoming GUO, Ye Wang, Xia Liu, The collection of Interior Detail Information · ground decoration, China Architecture & Building Press (2019).

2. Editorial board member of The collection of Interior Detail Information (Ⅰ-Ⅵ), China Architecture & Building Press (2012-2019).

Personal statement

Wang Ye, associate professor, master instructor, director of the Environmental Design Department, College of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology. The assessment expert of specialized standard in environmental design specialties in Beijing municipal colleges. The expert of professional titles evaluation of Beijing Construction Decoration Association. The expert of concealed evaluation for graduation dissertation of Chinese colleges. From 1993 to 2003, I was the lecturer of Environmental Art Research and Design Institute of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, chief designer and engineer of Beijing Qingshang Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.. I have been engaged in professional teaching for 27 years and professional design for more than 10 years.In recent years, my research focuses on the in-depth exploration of the role and significance of environmental art between people and people, people and society, people and nature under the context of globalization. I also study intensively on the design connotation and method of the philosophy, aesthetics and cultural inheritance in the environmental design from the terms of the social, crowd, psychology, behavior and so on by technology, arts and concepts.