Wang Wenjuan

文本框: 个人证件照

Personal profile

Gender: Female

Degrees: Master

Title: Professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Director and Academic Committee of China Fashion Association

2. Director of Beijing Garment Industry Association

3. Chairman of Committee of International Fashion Art Network

4. Expert Judge of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission

5. Referee of the Fashion Technology Project Selection Competition of 43rd World Skills Competition

6. Chief Referee of the Fashion Project of the Beijing Disabled Person's Federation Skill Competition

7. Expert Judge of Culture and Art Talent Center of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China

Research Areas

Clothing and apparel design, Barrier-free clothing design


1. Outstanding Teacher of Beijing University of Technology

2. Third prize of Excellent Teaching Quality of Beijing University of Technology

3. Second prize of Excellent Teaching Achievements of Beijing University of Technology

4. Advanced Individual of Teacher’s Ethics of Beijing University of Technology

5. Outstanding Party Member of Beijing University of Technology

6. Talent Training Achievement Award of China Graduate Fashion Week

7. The creation “Bloom” was collected by China Guardian 20th Anniversary Art Auction

8. The creation “Tracing to the Source” was selected in the 13th China National Exhibition of Fine Arts


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2. Wang Wenjuan, Discussion on the Influence of the Functionality of Clothing on the Development of Clothing Design[J].Art Education,No.282.02(2016):218-219.

3. Wang Wenjuan, Research on Functional Design of Old People's Clothing [J].Art Education,2015(2):257-258.

4. Wang Wenjuan, The Application of Barrier-free Design in Clothing Design [J].Art Education,2015(1):246-247.

5. Wang Wenjuan, The Application of Functional Clothing Design in Old People’s Clothing [J].Art Education, 2014(12):321-322.

Personal Statement

Professor Wang Wenjuan, master tutor, leader of the teaching team of the Department of Fashion and Apparel Design of Beijing University of Technology College of Art and Design, has engaged in teaching for 28 years, presided over 5 national scientific research projects, provincial and ministerial social science fund projects and teaching research topics and published 8 professional research papers. Her teaching advocates equal emphasis on clothing design and technical practice, emphasizes people-oriented design, embodies both fashion and function. She advocates that design should reflect humane care and focus on solving problems and creating value. She promotes barrier-free clothing design education and teaching, pays attention to social needs, and believes that design should create value to serve the society.