Wang Shuhui

Personal profile

Gender: Female

Degrees: Bachelor of Arts

Title: Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies

1. Special senior consultant and design expert of Xuannan Institute of culture, Xicheng District, Beijing;

2. Vice chairman of Packaging Design Association of Asian Designers Association;

3. Member of Asian Designers Association;

4. Member of China Design Association.

Research Areas

1. Visual communication art design (packaging art design, brand planning and corporate image recognition design, book overall planning and design, cultural and creative product development and brand image promotion, advertising design and planning);

2. Exhibition design of Museum;

3. Protection and inheritance of historical relics;


1. Completed a number of Humanities and social sciences research projects of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, tutored students to complete the "outstanding students" project, published many education and teaching papers in core journals, and compiled many monographs;

2. Packaging design course has been awarded "unit excellent course" by the college for many times;

3. It has been awarded the titles of "excellent teacher", "excellent backbone teacher", "advanced moral education worker" and "student's favorite teacher" by the college for many times;

4. The graduation project that guides students to complete has been rated as "excellent design works" for many times, and "excellent instructor" for many times;

5. For a long time, he has guided students to participate in various major design competitions at home and abroad, many of whom have won awards at all levels with rich achievements;

6. A large number of design works have won awards, and a large number of practical topics have been recognized and adopted by the society.


1、《World Famous Guo Shoujing -World Heritage Grand Canal》

2、《Modern Packaging Design》

3、《Modern CIS Planning and Design》

4、《Interpretation of Packaging Design Art》

Personal statement

1. Wang Shuhui, currently teaching in the school of art and design, Beijing University of technology, majoring in visual communication art and design, associate professor, graduate supervisor;

2. Graduated from “Academy of Arts &Design, Tsinghua University”, majoring in graphic design and postgraduate courses;

3. Undertake the teaching work of many key courses, including packaging design, packaging structure design, brand design, creative thinking design, layout design, layout design, advertising design, logo design, font design, book design, graduation design, etc;

4.The teaching attitude has always been serious, responsible, rigorous, teaching effect has been widely acclaimed, students' evaluation of teaching performance is excellent;

4. Participated in the construction of the main courses for many times, and compiled the course descriptions and syllabus of many courses;

5. Participated in the construction of school level excellent courses for many times, discussed the development direction of courses, and compiled many excellent textbooks.