Wang Ping

Personal profile

Gender: Female

Degrees: Master

Title: Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies

China Muralists Association, Member of Beijing Artists Association

Research Areas

Comprehensive Material Art, Lacquer Art

Personal statement

Wang Ping got the master’s degree from Department of Mural Painting, Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2005.She is now work in Department of Arts and Crafts Department, Beijing University of Technology. She is teaching Comprehensive Materials Painting, Lacquer Art, Design Basis, Modelling Basis ect. She has been a visiting scholar in College of Arts, University of Pacific, America and involved in a research called “Kam Minority Heritage Project in China” with a professor in that university. She also taught a workshop about Chinese traditional arts and crafts for American students.

Her research direction is based on being familiar with the artistic languages such as oil painting or lacquer and exploring the extension of traditional artistic languages or traditional crafts in contemporary. It is related to people's living environment and state of mind, breaking through the inherent concepts and procedures, and pondering the current effect over as well as the expression of the current context.

Research Projects

[1]. *2019, “19 Quota of Connotation Development -- Textbook Construction, Comprehensive Material Painting -- Learning of New Vision from Tradition”.

[2]. *2019, “19 Capacity Cuilding of Ccience and Cechnology Innovation Service -- Basic Scientific Research Operating Expenses (Scientific Research) (Municipal Level) -- University Humanities and Social Science Fund”.

[3]. 2019, "20 Construction of Talent Quality Training -- Cross-Training of High-Level Talents -- Real Training Plan (Municipal Level)”,” Ecological Aesthetic Exploration of Plant Printing and Dyeing Technology".

[4]. 2017, "18 Construction of Talent Quality Training -- Cross-Training of High-Level Talents -- Real Training Plan (Municipal Level)" “Research on Contemporary Lacquer Three-Dimensional Art".

[5]. 2017, "Seed Fund Project of Beijing University of Technology -- Inheritance and Protection of Traditional Chinese Culture”.

[6]. *2016, with Marieanna-Lee University of Pacific, " Traditional Minority Heritage Project in China” (http://

[7]. 2015-2016 visit to the foreign visiting scholar program, the talent education program of affiliated universities in Beijing, Research in university of Pacific for a one-year.

[8]. 2013 -2015, Beijing Municipal Research Project, "Three-year Action Plan for the Introduction and Training of High-Level Talents in Beijing Institutions of Higher Learning, Youth Top-notch Talent Cultivation Plan".

[9]. *2011-2012, “Cooperated in Beijing Municipal Project”, “Beijing Fine Projects, Color Design”.

[10]. *2010-2012, “Study of Professional Training Methods for Fine Art Teachers” ,projects of the national planning of educational researchheld by National Ministry of Education.

[11]. *2010, “Important Course Project Constructed by Outstanding Teaching Team in Beijing University of Technology---- Fundamental Creative Color Design Course and Team Construction”.

[12]. *2009-2010, “Beijing Municipal Project in “Implement and Study of Art & Design College Fundamental Professions Platform”.


[1]. 2019, "Six", Lacquerware, Exhibited in the "Revival and Reconstruction" 2019 the 10th China Modern Arts and Crafts College Exhibition.

[2]. 2018, " Sound of Water”, Exhibited in the “Biennial Exhibition of Teachers”, College of Art and Design, Beijing University of Technology.

[3]. 2016, "Pray-Dialogue with God", Comprehensive Materials Art, Exhibited in "Images of Fantasy", LH Horton Jr Gallery, SAN Joaquin Delta College.

[4]. 2016, "Interpret out of Context", Comprehensive Materials Art, " Exhibited in” Image of Fantasy" exhibition, LH Horton Jr Gallery, SAN Joaquin Delta College.

[5]. 2015, "Chair", Comprehensive Materials Art, exhibited in the "Design for Sitting”, exhibition of Reynolds Gallery of Pacific University.

[6]. 2014, "Bodhi Blossom" exhibited in“Hand-made Exhibition”,School of Art, Beijing university of technology.

[7]. 2012, “Tails of Swallows in Two Stroke” , exhibited in “The Third National Exhibition of Lacquer Painting” , Nanjing.

[8]. 2012, “Tails of Swallows in Two Stroke” exhibited in “Lacquer , Oriental Spirit---Exhibition of Nominations in Academy of Lacquer” , exhibited in Songzhuang, Beijing.

[9]. 2012, “Zheng Mian Quan Fang“ of Series “Questions to Chrysanthemum” , exhibited in “The Third Exhibition of Strength of Youth” ,Huantie Era International Gallery , Beijing.

[10]. 2010, “Yan Yang Fan Zheng” of Series “Questions to Chrysanthemum” , exhibited in “Chinese Annual Exhibition of contemporary Art of‘phenomenon”, Shanghai International Art Gallery.

[11]. 2010, “Still Here” of Series “Listen to Bamboo” , exhibited in “Exhibition of International Paper Art Salon in Grand Palais”, Grand Palais of France.

[12]. 2009, “Status in Growth”, Huantie Era Gallery.

[13]. 2008, “Zheng Mian Quan Fang” of Series “Questions to Chrysanthemum” , exhibited in “Exhibition of literatures of Chinese contemporary Art”, Gallery “Wall” .

[14]. 2005, Solo exhibition “Harmony with Distinctions” , held in Central Academy of Fine Art.

Works Publications:

[1]. 2009,Art Work Series “Zheng Mian Quan Fang” and “Yan Yang Fan Zheng” ,“ Questions to Chrysanthemum” , issued in “Literature of The Second Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art” in Jun. first edition of Hunan Art publisher.

[2]. 2005, Series “Listen to Bamboo”, issued in national core journal “Chinese Oil Painting” .

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[5]. 2005,Work “Sketch” , issued in “Fine Art Status”.

[6]. 2000, Art work “Women body” , issued in “Current Chinese Fine Art” .

[7]. 1997,Art work “Sun Flower” , issued in national core journal “Chinese Oil Painting” .


[1]. Art work “Sometimes” of Series “Listen to Bamboo” was collected by Central Academy of Fine Art in 2005.

[2]. Art work “Zheng Mian Quan Fang” was collected by “Wall” Gallery in 2007.

[3]. Art work “Once” of Series “Questions to Chrysanthemum” was collected by Kangtan Art Center in 2007.


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