Ji Tong


Personal profile


Name:Ji Tong



Title: Associate Professor


Current Professional Societies

China Society for Dialectics of Nature

Research Areas

  1. ecological philosophy and ecological civilization construction ;

2. urban philosophy and urbanization development.


Second Academic Award of China Society for Dialectics of Nature, 2020.


1.Tong Ji,The way of Habitation: Research on the trend of urbanization after human settlement, China Social Sciences Press,2011(10).

2.Tong Ji,Human settlement development trend from the perspective of Polycyclic theory,Journal of China University of Mining and Technology(2013) 26-31.

3.Tong Ji,Multidimensional thinking on the development of science and technology,Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Press,2013(10).

4.Yu Wang,Tong Ji,Analysis on CO2 Mitigation Potential and Cost of Low Carbon Electricity in China, Ecological Economy(2014)14-18.

5.Tong Ji,Research on the development, cultivation and management innovation of foundation,Research on the development of social organizations in Beijing,2016(12).

6.Tong Ji,Preliminary Study on Ecological Principles of New Industrialization Road,Studies in Dialectics of Nature(2019)42-47.

7.Tong Ji,City Market Domain and Ideological Exploration of Dialectics of Nature,Studies in Dialectics of Nature(2020)10-12.

Personal statement

Ji Tong, Associate Professor and Master Student Supervisor, is the lecturer on Ideological and Political Theory, Dialectics of Nature and Other Courses in the College of Marxism in Beijing University of Technology. She has been engaged in teaching for20years. She has presided one Social Science Fund Program and eight National Natural Science Foundation of China projects. He has published more than thirty papers on major journals, one academic books and three co-authored works.