Jiang Haishan

Personal profile

Name:Jiang Haishan



Title:Associate Professor


Research AreasSocialism with Chinese Characteristics


1. Jiang Haishan, Study on the utilization of medical services under the new rural cooperative medical system, Intellectual Property Publishing House,2013.

2.Jiang Haishan, The salary system and incentive mechanism of teachers in public universities in Hong Kong,Higher Education Exploration 3(2012).

3. Jiang Haishan, Study on the medical insurance and medical service utilization of floating population -- Based on the dynamic monitoring data of floating population in China, The World of Survey and Research 7(2016).


Personal statement

Jiang Haishan, Associate Professor and Ph.D of economics, is a full time faculty of Beijing University of Technology. She has been engaged in teaching for 20 years. She has been the visiting scholar of Michigan State University. She has presided many projects and published one academic book and several academic papers.