Li Dongsong



Name:Li Dongsong




Research AreasBasic principles of Marxism, dialectics of nature and Marxist ecological thought


Vice chairman of the board of supervisors of Beijing Natural Dialectics Research Association


1.Li Dongsong, Independent innovation is the only way to climb the summit of science and technology in the world, China economy,June 26th, 2019.

2.Li Dongsong, Innovation and development of Marxist scientific and technological concept in the new era,Guangming Daily, September21th, 2018.


Personal statement

Li Dongsong, Professor and Dean of the College of Marxism, Ph.D, was born in 1963. He has presided over 6 scientific research projects including the Ministry of Education of Humanities and Social Science Project, and published more than 20 papers. Concurrently, he is Vice President of the Research Association of Ideological and Political Theory for graduate students in Beijing.