Zheng Jichun


Zheng Jichun

Secretary of the CPC Committee of BJUT and the Chairman of the University Council

Dr. Zheng Jichun, Professor and Secretary of the CPC Committee of BJUT and Chairman of the University Council, was born in Hailun City, Heilongjiang Province in1961. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Management Science and Engineering and Doctoral Degree in Management Science from Beijing Jiaotong University.

Started as a lecturer at East Jiaotong University, Jiangxi Province, Dr. Zheng then transferred to Beijing Jiaotong University, worked as Assistant to the Dean of Graduate School, Deputy Director of the Personnel Department, Deputy Director and Director of the President’s Office, Deputy Secretary of the Board of Directors at and Secretary of the Party Committee in the School of Traffic and Transportation. He also held a few positions in Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, including Commissioner, Chief of Department, Deputy Director-General and so others. In April 2010, He joined Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication (BIGC) and worked as Secretary of the Party Committee of BIGC. Since April, 2013, he has been Secretary of the Party Committee and University Council in Beijing University of Technology up to now.

Dr. Zheng is currently chairs the Committee of the University Standing Members of CPC, which is the highest decision-making body of the university.  He is responsible for the leadership Professional Development , High-level Talent Affairs and so on.