We aim to make our students more internationally competitive by offering a wide range of Study Abroad Programs, either long-term or short term. Every year, more than 800 students, both undergraduate and graduate students, go abroad through our programs.

Destinations for long-term exchange are mainly the United States, the United Kingdom, European Continent and East Asia. Students participating in these programs would usually follow the modules such as “3+1″,”3+1+1″,”3+1+2”, “4+1”or “2.5+1+0.5” and so others. We also organize around 10 short-term programs every year, taking hundreds of students out to universities like the University of Maryland and the University of Warwick for a 3 or 4-week summer/winter program. In addition, BJUT also offers some special Study Abroad programs including the joint degree programs with University College Dublin and the “Beijing Municipal Study Abroad Program” with the University of Maryland.