BJUT Won the Gold Medal of the 7th "Create the Youth" — China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Internet Group)

The national final of the 7th "Create the Youth" — China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition on the Internet Group was held on November 15. The project "Microway Tech—the Microfluidics-based Real-Time Cancer Detection" won the gold medal. It was completed by Zhao Siyu and other students from the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing in BJUT and instructed by Liu Zhaomiao and her team. The project developed an instant microfluidics-based cancer detection system by combining microfluidic technology which is precise, miniature andintegrated and liquid biopsy technology, providing a new approach to innovate tumor detection technology.

"Microway Tech—the Microfluidics-based Real-Time Cancer Detection" has already won the special first prize at the 16th “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest. On the invitation, the project was exhibited at the 4th International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo held in the National Convention Center in December 2019 and the 23rd China Beijing International High-Tech Expo that took place in China International Exhibition Center in September 2020, fully show casing BJUT youth’s innovation. The project team will participate in the last oral defense on review at the final of the 12th “Challenge Cup” national final of the China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Plan Competition to be held at the end of November.

"Create the Youth" — China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been held seven times since 2014. Since its launch in August this year, it has attracted a total of 25,000 entrepreneurial projects. The projects of Internet Group involve mobile internet, internet devices, sharing economy, big data, artificial intelligence, smart city, and other internet technology and application as well as how to use them in related industries and the transformation and development of traditional industries. After the fierce competition through video defense and roadshow, the project from BJUT outshone the other 60 projects in the national finals and won third place in the Innovation Group. That remarked BJUT’s continuous wins for the gold medal in the Create the Youth— China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition after the social entrepreneurship project “Protection Association for Architectures Around Ancient Road” in 2016 and the entrepreneurial practice project “Chunshangyiwu (Beijing) catering Co., Ltd.” in 2018.

In recent years, BJUT has closely combined talent cultivation orientation and discipline specialties, and attached great importance to cultivate students' innovation and entrepreneurship. At the new start point of 60th anniversary, BJUT will further improve the “Fund-Competition-Practice” work system for extracurricular science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship and create a stronger atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship.