BJUT Won the Grand Prize at Comprehensive Innovation Section in the 2nd “Co-Creation Cup” National Competition

The 2nd "Co-Creation Cup"-2020 National Innovation Competition on Intelligent Construction Technology came to an end on December 5. The event this year closely meshed with the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics as a part of full preparation for the Game. With the joint effort of BJUT and Beijing Enterprise Jing'Ao Construction Co., Ltd., the project "Research and Development of Digital Twin-based Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Technology as well as its Innovative Application in Venues of the Winter Olympic" (instructed by Liu Zhansheng and Xu Chengshun from the Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Transportation Engineering) emerged victorious over many other entries and won the grand prize at comprehensive innovation group.

The venues for bobsleigh and sleigh in Yanqing competition zones of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games are densely built, and the layout is more complex than other buildings, which involves many participants. The significance of the projectis to study how to provide security for the venues with new technology, that is, to improve the security capability and intelligent technology. By learning from the application of digital twin in other fields, the project attempts to apply digital twin technology into the operation and maintenance of the construction industry. With the help of BIM and the Internet of Things, the digital twin model of buildings is established to the real-time perception of building security and personnel inside. In addition, the project can intelligently process the relevant information in the digital twin model of the building, automatically judge the indoor safety and generate the evacuation guide route for the personnel inside to intelligently manage the security in the operation and maintenance stage.

The 2nd "Co-Creation Cup"-2020 National Innovation Competition on Intelligent Construction Technology is sponsored by the Technology Innovation Committee of China Association of Technology Entrepreneurs and strongly supported by the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science & Technology and the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is committed to improving the environment for technology innovation and making technology innovation a driving force to catalyze productivity and economic growth.

BJUT was known to host the 3rd "Co-Creation Cup" National Forumon Intelligent Construction Technology in 2021. BJUT will take this opportunity to combine academic resources inintelligent construction, further strengthen the training of intelligent construction talents, drive the "Double First-class" development, and make greater contributions to the construction of "Four Centers" for Beijing.