BJUT Won Two First Prizes in the China Graduate Electronics Design Contest (North China Division)

Five teams from Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) participated in the 16th  China Graduate Electronics Design Contest (North China Division) and won two first prizes, one second prize, and two third prizes. Among them, the two first-prize-winning projects was qualified for the national finals.

In the project “Intelligent Fire Monitoring System Based on the Internet of Things” (supervised by Gu Qian), Tong Chen, Liu Hongyan, and Guo Nan from the Faculty of Information Technology designed a monitoring system that acts five to ten times faster than traditional fire alarm systems. The system is capable of flame detection and video monitoring, turning fire alarm from “listening” to “watching”, which means the personnel on duty can respond quickly and deal with incidents in time. The monitoring information of the system is comprehensive and traceable, which is conducive to the integration and storage of relevant information and the analysis of the cause of fire.

In the project “Multi-band Microwave Radiometer System for Contactless Temperature Measurement” (supervised by Liu Jie), Ma Jingyan, Xuan Zunian, and Sun Zhenlin from the Faculty of Information Technology proposed a microwave radiometer-based contactless method for monitoring human core temperature field, which can continuously monitor the core temperature field of the patient’s skin surface and tissues at 1 cm below the skin through the patient’s clothes and bedding, with high sensitivity and high precision.