BJUT Alumni Won Silver Medal in Badminton Men's Doubles at Tokyo Olympics

Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen, Class of 2014 graduates of BJUT's College of Economics and Management won a silver medal for China in the badminton men's double final at the Tokyo Olympics!

 Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen

Since their partnership, Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen have won a few international badminton awards, including the Men's Doubles Champion at the 2018 World Badminton Championships.

Li Junhui from Anshan, Liaoning Province was exposed to sports from a young age and was picked for the national team in 2012. After becoming a student at BJUT’s college of Economics and Management in 2014, he made full use of the badminton games organized by BJUT to popularize the sport to more students and teachers, expanding the influence of badminton among them and attracting more talented athletes to the University.

Liu Yuchen was well influenced by sports from his childhood and grew up to become an excellent badminton player. Liu Yuchen was admitted to BJUT’s College of Economics and Management in 2014. He said that, "As a student of BJUT, I've gained a lot from the University. I'm willing to support BJUT and the students here." Now, with his influence, he is trying hard to promote the BJUT to the public and further enhance the impact of badminton, the campus ball of BJUT.

Zhang Ning

In 2008, BJUT successfully hosted the badminton and gymnastic competitions of Beijing Olympics. BJUT alumna Zhang Ning then won the women's singles badminton championship. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Olympic Stadium of BJUT received more than 93,700 spectators and more than 2,000 journalists from all over the world. The high-quality event services provided by the University won high praise from the International Olympic Committee, World Badminton Federation, International Sport Federation, and heads of state and dignitaries from around the world.

On May 15, 2012, badminton was chosen as the "campus ball" of BJUT. On May 19, 2012, the "BJUT Cup" Badminton Competition was held at the Olympic Stadium, which also witnessed the launch of the "campus ball" of BJUT. In recent years, badminton has become the most popular sports elective course among the students of BJUT. No matter in the Olympic Stadium or on campus, BJUT’s faculty, staff members and students can be seen playing badminton everywhere.

Yu Jingyao

Guided by the Olympic spirit, BJUT alumni have won brilliant achievements for the country. Among them, Zhang Ning, who won two Olympic women's singles titles in badminton; Zhang Lin, the runner-up in the men's 400m freestyle; Chao Na, the runner-up in the women's 4×100m freestyle relay; and Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen, who participated in this Tokyo Olympics, as well as Yu Jingyao, a marketing undergraduate student from the College of Economics and Management, Class of 2018, who ranked 12th in the semi-finals of the women's 200m breaststroke, all lived up to the expectations and stood on the Olympic field, demonstrating BJUT’s spirit of striving for excellence.