Three Professors from BJUT Selected as "Beijing Scholars"

August, 2021 --- Three professors from BJUT have been selected as “Beijing Scholars”, namely Cui Suping, Yin Baocai and Zheng Hong. The “Beijing Scholar” Program, approved by the Beijing Municipal Government in 2013, was established to create a pool of high-level professionals in the fields of natural science, engineering, philosophy and social science. The candidates are the pacesetters in their research field, and they are awarded for their remarkable achievements, and the spirit of innovation. This is also an initiative to facilitate the capital city as a scientific and technological innovation hub with global influence.

The "Beijing Scholars" are rated every two years. Previously, five BJUT professors have been included in the list, including Du Xiuli, Peng Yongzhen, Cao Wanlin, Qiao Junfei and Han Xiaodong.

Prof. Cui Suping has devoted herself to the preparation and efficient application of cement materials with low environmental load. With over 80 patents of invention, her innovative achievements have been effectively applied to the engineering industry. She was awarded by China Building Materials Federation as Model of Technological Innovation, and included in the third list of Ten Iconic Figures of Technological Innovation in the Building Materials sector.

Prof. Yin Baocai has been engaged in the research areas of multimedia technology, computer vision, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. He has achieved innovate outcomes in high-dimensional data (e.g. image and video) compression and coding, the modeling and deciphering of complex scenarios, and traffic big data analysis, etc. Prof. Yin has published more than 200 papers in major journals and top international conferences, and obtained over 60 patents of invention.

Prof. Zheng Hong was granted the Excellent Contributions Award by the International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG). As a leading expert in the research field, he has been invited for academic visits and collaborative research at several international institutions, including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA), University of Toronto (Canada), University of Wyoming (USA), University of Hannover (Germany), and University of Hong Kong (China), and to deliver presentations at major international academic conferences. He has presided over more than 10 national projects. His remarkable achievements have been applied to some internationally renowned commercial software and several industry specifications.