Remarks at the Opening Ceremony for the Class of 2025


Dear colleagues and students of the Class of 2025,

Good morning!

Today, we are holding the opening ceremony for the Class of 2025 of BJUT. On behalf of all faculty members and students, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new students from all over the world! It is your outstanding performance that brings you here. Congratulations! I would also like to extend my sincere greetings and thanks to your parents, teachers, and friends!

Live streaming is accessible to the international students who are unable to attend this opening ceremony in person. Wherever you are, we are always here, looking forward to your safe return. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, always remember to stay protected and optimistic.

Dear students, thank you for choosing BJUT. From today on, you are one of the BJUTers. As freshmen, you may want to know more about your university first. BJUT is a high-level multidisciplinary key university directly under Beijing Municipality that provides programs in engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, art, and education, with engineering as the core. Established in 1960, BJUT qualified for the National 211 Key University Project in 1996 and was listed as one of China's universities to build world-class disciplines in 2017. BJUT is an advanced research university recognized by the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Municipal Government. In 2020, we ranked 32nd in the QS China Mainland University Rankings, with eight disciplines among Top 500 of the 2020 QS World University Rankings by Subjects, and six disciplines among Top 1% of ESI Rankings. Today, we are striving for the centenary goal of building a world-class university. We need you and invite you to witness the realization of the BJUT dream.

As your teacher, I have high expectation for you in the following three aspects:

First, stay true to your original aspiration and hold a strong belief in the country.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In the past century, under the leadership of the Party, the Chinese nation has achieved the tremendous transformation from standing up and growing prosperous to becoming strong.

Dear students, I hope you can achieve your learning & lifetime goals and your value of life in serving the development of the country in the new era and the needs of the Chinese people.

Second, keep your mission in mind, aim high, and achieve greater outcomes.

Since last year, many young people born in the 1990s and 2000s, fearless of hardships and dangers, have worked on the front line of the war against the pandemic. Even General Secretary Xi Jinping affirmed the outstanding performance of these young people, saying that "They have proven with actions that the Chinese youth in the new era are outstanding and able to take great responsibility!"

In the past summer vacation, the athletes of the Chinese delegation showed to the whole world their youthful energy and the spirit of striving at the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Badminton players Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen and swimmer Yu Jingyao, all from BJUT, are outstanding representatives of Chinese athletes.

I hope you can discover your potential and release your strengths in study and practice. I wish you shine in your areas of expertise, and live a diligent university life.

Third, dedicate your life to your dream and constantly strive for excellence.

The craftsmanship of the Chinese people comes from the wisdom of the working people in thousands of years and the pursuit of scientists from ancient to modern times. In the past 60 years, BJUTers have never forgotten the original aspiration of cultivating experts in high-tech and new industries for the modernization of Beijing. We adhere to the principle of "Rooted in Beijing, Serving Beijing, Inspiring China and Embracing the World", and continue to contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the capital and the country. The craftsmanship of excellence and truth-seeking has been passed on from generation to generation by BJUTers, and has become the University's spiritual treasure. I hope you can inherit the legacy and carry forward the Chinese craftsmanship.

The world is marked by changes unseen in a century. From the Belt and Road Initiative to the "community of a shared future for mankind", China is approaching the center of the international arena with unprecedented confidence. You are now a university student upon the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. I hope you can embrace a global vision, aim high, and strive to grow into national pillars that change China and influence the world.

As General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at CPC's centennial celebration, "in the new era, our young people should make it their mission to contribute to national rejuvenation and aspire to become more proud, confident, and assured in their identity as Chinese people so that they can live up to the promise of their youth and the expectations of our times, our Party, and our people." Today, we gather on the great ship of BJUT and embark on a new journey of life through wind and waves. Dear students, please keep in mind our motto of "Persistent Striving the Principle, Pursuit of Innovation the Path." Persist in your pursuit, keep innovating, cherish time, and work hard to acquire knowledge and skills. Today, you inherit the great ambitions of the predecessors of BJUT, establish an outlook on the world, on your life and on life values, and take off on the "shoulders of giants". Tomorrow, BJUT will join hands with you to forge ahead and work together to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

To conclude, on behalf of the University, I wish all of you flourishing and success at BJUT! I wish our faculty members all the best!

Thank you!

Nie Zuoren

President of BJUT and the Member of CAE