BJUT Hit a New High in Number of Programs Approved by National Natural Science Foundation

On August 18, 149 programs of BJUT have been approved by 2021 National Natural Science Foundation, which hit a new high in the number of funded programs. Among the approved programs, there were 4 key programs, 80 general programs, 60 programs for young scholars, 2 fund programs for distinguished young scholars, and 3 fund programs for excellent young scholars. These programs received a total funding of 86.087 million RMB.

The 4 key programs are as follows:

"Research on Sub-model Optimization Theory and Algorithm" headed by Prof. Xu Dachuan from the Faculty of Science;

"Research on High Performance Rare Earth-Refractory Metal Hot Cathode Materials" directed by Prof. Wang Jinshu from the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing;

"Research on Three-Dimensional Structure Modeling of Soil-Rock Mixture and Numerical Manifold Method Research on Deformation and Failure of High-filled Roadbed"  led by Prof. Zheng Hong from the Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Transportation Engineering;

"Advanced Nitrogen Removal Based on the Partial Anammox of Mainstream Municipal Wastewater and the Mechanism of Process Control and Flora Collaboration"  chaired by Prof. Peng Yongzhen, member of CAE, from the Faculty of Environment and Life.

The Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars was awarded to Prof. An Quanfu from the Faculty of Environment and Life, and Prof. Han Honggui from the Faculty of Information Technology. The Fund for Excellent Young Scholars was awarded to Prof. Liu Xiucheng from the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing, and Prof. Gao Liang, and Zhang Liang from the Faculty of Environment and Life.

Standing at the new starting point of the 14th Five-Year Plan, BJUT, sets sight on the frontiers of global science and technology to serve the country's major needs and people's health, and the economic development. BJUT will continue to encourage its research staff to be committed to seeking progress in scientific innovation as part of its efforts to become a high-level research university and make greater contributions to national development and livelihood improvement.