President Nie Zuoren Delivered First Lecture for Class of 2025

On September 22, Nie Zuoren, President of BJUT and member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered the first lecture for the Class of 2025.

To answer the key question of "who we are", President Nie Zuoren stated that we were all BJUTers striving for the goal of building a high-level research university. He also gave a detailed introduction to the history, the status quo as well as the strategic planning of the University.

By analyzing the current status and stranglehold problems of China's science and technology sector, President Nie stressed the importance of "driving high-quality development with technological innovation". He illustrated with vivid cases the University's principle of "Rooted in Beijing, Serving Beijing, Inspiring China and Embracing the world" that generations of BJUT faculty, staff and students have held onto. They have been playing a significant part in the socioeconomic development of Beijing and China and making contributions to the major projects in Beijing and China.

In the end, President Nie expressed his expectations for the Class of 2025 that they should equip themselves with not only solid knowledge and patriotic ideals, but also with a global vision, so that they can one day become a competent talent at home and abroad.