BJUT Held Welcome Meeting for New International Faculty Members

On September 17, BJUT held the Welcome Meeting for New International Faculty Members. The current international faculty members were also invited.

Vice President Guo Fu extended warm welcome to new members and spoke highly of the work by the current international faculty members. He said that remarkable progress had been made in recent years in BJUT's talent cultivation, which is hardly possible without the dedication of the international faculty members. He hoped that new members could integrate into the BJUT family as soon as possible and become the mainstay of BJUT's international development. He also expressed his expectation that more international friends could join BJUT and contribute their global wisdom.

The representatives of international faculty members, Nicholas Alan Houston from the Faculty of Science, and Smith Melissa Kathleen from Beijing-Dublin International College, delivered speeches. They appreciated BJUT for providing a favorable environment for their career development. In return, they would strive to inject more impetus into the University's development. After their remarks, the directors of the International Office and the Human Resources Office, and the Principal of Beijing-Dublin International College stated that they would assume their responsibilities to lay a solid foundation for the development of international faculty members and the University. The participants had a lively discussion on course teaching, campus experience, etc.

The international faculty members of BJUT, hailing from all parts of the world, engage in teaching, research and administration in faculties/colleges.