BJUT Won Grand Prize of 2021 CSCS Science and Technology Award

The 2021 China Steel Structure Conference was held on October 12. The project initiated by BJUT, "The Innovation and Engineering Application of Prestressed Steel Structural System and Key Technologies", won the highest Science and Technology Award by China Steel Construction Society (CSCS). The project was completed by Professor Zhang Ailin, Professor Liu Xuechun, Professor Jiang Ziqin and Lecturer Chen Xuesen. Professor Liu Xuechun from the Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Transportation Engineering received the Outstanding Talent Award by the CSCS.

The project, which has obtained 37 invention patents at home and abroad and published 38 papers, focuses on relevant basic research and key technology innovation.

These findings have been applied in over 160 engineering projects, providing effective solutions for some key scientific problems, including: the ultra-long-span enclosed industrial stockyard for the national air pollution control; ultra-high-prestress prefabricated wind turbine tower for the green energy development; and the seismic performance improvements of prefabricated multi-story or high-rise prestressed steel structures for the building industrialization, and mas domestic production of large-diameter Galfan steel strand.

In the future, these achievements which have reached international standards will deliver tangible benefits for economic, social and technological development.