"Great Wall Friendship Award" Selected

On October 29, 15 laureates from 12 countries in 7 time zones gathered online at the 15th Awarding Ceremony and Seminar of "Great Wall Friendship Award", the highest honor bestowed by the Beijing Municipal Government on international experts working in the capital city. Since 1991, 206 professionals from 30 countries have received the award. This year, Professor Henry B. McLoughlin, software engineering program coordinator from BDIC of BJUT, was one of the winners.

Since his graduation from University College Dublin in 1981, Prof. McLoughlin has been a pioneer in the studies on theory and application of computer science, devoting himself to the research into computer information processing technology in the past 40 years. From 2008, Prof. McLaughlin has been teaching in China and engaging himself in China-foreign cooperation in school-running. Since 2012, he has made significant contributions to the curriculum design of BDIC programs, as well as the global development of the College and the University. For years, he always encourages and actively promotes the mutual learning between BJUTers and their UCD peers, as well as between Chinese and Irish students.