BJUT 2021 International Education Week Kicks Off

On October 21, BJUT held the opening ceremony for the 2021 International Education Week. This year's IEW contains 23 activities and over 60 lectures under 5 themes, both online and offline, including the exhibition of international talent cultivation, tailor-made lectures and cultural events for international exchange.

Prof. Guo Fu, Vice President for global affairs, addressed the opening ceremony, pointing out that BJUT has got off to a good start on building a world-class, research-intensive university with both international prestige and its own distinctive features. In this context, the IEW creates an atmosphere and provides a platform for faculty members and students to raise their awareness and ability of international development, which is essential to BJUT's enhanced competence in communicating and competing with other world-class universities.

At the ceremony, appointment letters were presented to 33 new advisors (2021-2023) for students' international development. Ruan Jiageng, representative of new advisors from the Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing, promised to do his utmost for the international development of both students and the University. In the meantime, Prof. Wang Chao, representative of advisors (2020-2022) from the College of Economics & Management, shared his practices and experience in the past year.

The International Office gave a detailed introduction to the University's resources and services for international talent cultivation, and practical advice on overseas exchange preparation. Fan Ziming, a student from the Faculty of Information Technology, shared his experience, insights and gains once as an exchange student at the University of Kentucky in the US.