President Nie Zuoren Awarded the Winners of the President's Scholarship

On December 1st, BJUT President Nie Zuoren awarded the winners of the 2021 President's Scholarship. Winners spoke in turn, expressing their pleasure and pride in gaining this award, and thanked the University and their tutors. They shared their own experiences of learning, research, and practical skills, and accordingly put forward suggestions for the future to the President.

President Nie Zuoren said that by upholding the University motte of "Presistent Striving the Principle, Pursuit of Innovation the Path", such outstanding BJUT students have improved the overall level of the University's standing and work through their constant exploration and innovation. He also expressed the hope that students will continue to work hard, pursuing excellence in their repective diciplines, thereby contributing to the building of BJUT's reputation as a world-class university, China's socioeconomic development, and the capital's prestige.