BJUT Holds the 2021 Review Session of Graduate Education

BJUT, as a research university, has recently held a series of seminars on graduate education for teaching and other faculty staff and students, to foster the quality of graduate development.

On December 16, a summary session, presided over by Vice President Prof. Du Xiuli, was held to review the University's graduate education work in 2021.

Mr. Liu Chang'an, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said that BJUT in its four decades of graduate development, has achieved remarkable accomplishments and has played an exemplary role. He also said that the Beijing Municipal Education Commission will, as always, support BJUT in its development as a first class university.

BJUT President Prof. Nie Zuoren highlighted the University's breakthroughs in graduate education, cast light on its opportunities and challenges, and put forward the main tasks for its future development. He stressed that BJUT will continue to vigorously improve the level of high-quality graduate education and make new and greater contributions to building a world-class university serving the economic and social development of Beijing and China.

The conference awarded those faculty members who have dedicated years to the cultivation of outstanding graduates. The conference also put forward the Action Plan on graduate education with ten reform tasks and goals to be achieved by 2025 and 2035.

Prof. Xie Hui, CPC Secretary of BJUT, said that the first goal of the University is to build a team of high-quality graduate tutors to meet China's needs; second, to ensure high quality graduate education with an advanced governance system; and third, that the continuous development of graduate education in the new era and this will require constant innovation.