Celebrating the Brilliance of Youth, Embracing the Brightness of the Future

--- 2022 New Year's Message from Dr. Xie Hui, Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee,

and Dr. Nie Zuoren, BJUT President & Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Dear faculty, staff, students and alumni of BJUT,

As we ring in 2022, everything takes on a new look. On behalf of the Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), we would like to extend our best New Year wishes to all BJUTers at home and abroad as well as those from all walks of life who care for and support the development of BJUT. Last year was extraordinary for China as it marked the centenary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the inaugural year of China's 14th Five-Year Plan. It was also a significant year for BJUT as we embarked on the second phase of BJUT's 'Three-Step' Strategic Goal towards becoming a world-class university. We would like to wrap up 2021 with three key words.


In 2021, BJUT has forged ahead with greater responsibility on its shoulders. 2021 was a milestone when the Party celebrated its centenary and set out on a new journey toward realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation. Throughout the year, BJUT has studied in-depth the CPC's theories and practices and integrated them into our own work. Diverse programs that involved theory learning, seminars and hands-on activities have been carried out to serve the needs of every BJUTer. More importantly, we have undertaken major tasks on historic occasions over the past year. We performed patriotic songs and provided volunteer services for more than 5,000 guests at the centenary ceremony. We designed sculptures and exhibition panels for the Museum of the CPC that opened in 2021. We also participated in directing The Great Journey, an art performance for the centenary celebration. In the new era, BJUTers will continue to live up to the call of duty and carry forward the history of the CPC.


In 2021, BJUT has aimed high and made a flying start on its new journey. The newly formulated 14th Five-Year Plan has injected fresh impetus into building a world-class university. In 2021, we achieved an impressive scoreboard as follows. We were honored with a National Natural Science Award as the leading unit for the first-ever time. We had a record number of projects financed by China's National Natural Science Foundation. We made strides in fostering a high-caliber talent pool, with one new member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, two new winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, three new recipients of the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, three new Beijing Scholars, and one person selected for the Major Talent Program of the Ministry of Education. We obtained approval to offer four new professional doctoral programs and additionally six disciplines reached the top 1% of ESI global rankings. We earned two gold medals in the 7th 'Internet+' College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the best-ever performance among Beijing municipal universities. We had gold and silver medalists in the Olympic Games and National Games. In the new era, BJUTers will make more breakthroughs and accelerate achieving the centenary goal of building a world-class university!


In 2021, BJUT has remained devoted to the development of the capital city and the country. The Urban Science and Technology Innovation Institute for Carbon Neutrality was set up. The 2017-2020 White Paper of the Sino-Polish University Consortium under the Belt and Road Initiative was released at the 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services. Pharmaceutical research and its commercialization were conducted as BJUT's contribution to COVID-19 containment. External cooperation was enhanced with the signing of the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Beijing Economic and Development Zone. Full use has been made of our talents and scientific strengths in the provision of first-rate services for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. The aspirations and call of the Nation are our mission and we pledge to devote ourselves to major municipal projects and national mega-projects. In the new era, BJUTers will be unrelenting in doing our bit for the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation!

Looking back, 2021 was a strenuous year, but also one full of joy and encouraging progress. Looking ahead, the year 2022 will chart a new course. It will lead us on a new journey to make China even greater. It will witness athletes from all over the world gathering in the Beijing Winter Olympics. It also holds the key to BJUT's second phase of its 'Three-Step' strategy. Standing at a new starting point, let's truly fulfill the motto of 'Persistent Striving the Principle, Pursuit of Innovation the Path' in developing BJUT into a prestigious university in Beijing, in China, and in the world. Let's have more ambition, dedication and tenacity. Let's set new goals and scale new heights!

May our great motherland enjoy prosperity!

May you all have a joyful year full of happiness and success!

Happy New Year!