The Board Meeting of BJUT-Opole Confucius Institute and Affiliated Classrooms was Convened

On April 7th, the Board Meeting of BJUT-Opole Confucius Institute and Affiliated Classrooms (hereinafter "CI & CC") was convened online. Prof. Nie Zuoren, President of BJUT, and Prof. Marcin Lorenc, Rector of Opole University of Technology (hereinafter "OUT"), co-hosted the meeting. Leadership and other representatives of BJUT, OUT, Bialystok University of Technology, University of Silesia, and Silesian University of Technology, attended the meeting.

In his opening remarks, Prof. Lorenc expressed his appreciation of BJUT's full support for the CI & CC. Over the past two years, OUT has played a leading role and an active part in the coordinated development of the CI & CC. Looking ahead, OUT will collaborate closer with all relevant partners to build the CI & CC into exemplary institutes of Chinese language teaching and cultural exchanges in Poland and in the central and eastern Europe.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Nie fully recognized Polish partners' efforts in the development of CI & CC. While BJUT remains committed to the high-quality sustainable development of CI & CC and pledges its active support on various fronts, he said, it's of great importance that the Polish partners continue to devote more efforts and resources and optimize the coordination mechanisms. He also proposed that the Chinese and Polish sides should leverage the platform of CI & CC and foster closer connectivity in other areas such as academic exchanges and research cooperation, making greater contributions to the Sino-Polish educational cooperation and people exchange.

The Board reviewed the annual work reports and plans, as well as the financial statements of CI & CC, and had an in-depth discussion on the operation and management of CI & CC and reached a consensus on the long-term development of CI & CC.